Airways: Belagavi is Connected to Mumbai and Bengaluru by air the airport is around 7 K.m from city and is situated in Sambra. At Present SpiceJet is Opertating From Belagavi. The Details of Flights are as Under.

Flight Departure From Belagavi to Bengaluru and Mumbai
Flight Carrier From Destination Departure
SG 3455 SpiceJet (IXG) Belagavi Airport (BOM) Mumbai 11:45 AM
SG 3312 SpiceJet (IXG) Belagavi Airport (BLR) Bengaluru 3:20 PM
SG 3310 SpiceJet (IXG) Belagavi Airport (BLR) Bengaluru 7:40 PM


Flight Arrivals to Belagavi from Bengaluru and Mumbai
Flight Carrier From Destination Arrival
SG 3311 SpiceJet (BLR) Bengaluru (IXG) Belagavi Airport 11:25 AM
SG 3456 SpiceJet (BOM) Mumbai (IXG) Belagavi Airport 3:00 PM
SG 3309 SpiceJet (BLR) Bengaluru (IXG) Belagavi Airport 7:20 PM

The Timmings mentioned are as on today 14-10-2015. for exact timings Contact the concerned.


Railways: Belagavi has a very well-connected rail network. It is connected to almost all the major cities of South India. Trains are also available for Pune, Mumbai, Jodhapur, Ajamer, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Delhi, Eranakulam. Belagavi is connected to Bangalore (via Londa), to Mumbai (via Miraj), Vasco da Gama. It takes 12 hrs from Belagavi to Bangalore and 12 hrs to Mumbai. There is a daily express train to H. Nizamuddin (Delhi) from Belagavi and the journey takes about 35 hrs.

Roadways: Belagavi is connected to most of the places in South and West India by road. The main bus stand is situated near the old town area. We can say that Belagavi is like a MIDWAY between Mumbai and Bangalore. It falls on the Pune-Bangalore highway.

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