Health Facilities

Belagavi District is fortunate to have some of the best Health Institutions which are serving people not only in Belagavi District but also people from all over Karnataka and other states. The K.L.E Hospital of Belagavi is the Second Largest Hospital in Asia which provides all the modern facilities and treatment. Recently, a Cancer Research Center has been inaugurated which has now made Cancer treatment easier and affordable. Also we have the A.M.Shaikh's Homeopathy and Medical Collegewhich with it's service and hospitability ranks Third in India. Besides these, there are many other reputed Doctors and Health Institutions serving people selflessly and paying valuable contribution towards a Healthier Belagavi.

Important Health Facility Centers

1) KLE's Dr Prabhakar Kore Hospital & Medical Research Centre , Belagavi

2) KLE's Vishwanth Katti Dental Hospital & Research Centre , Belagavi

3) The Cancer Hospital , Belagavi

4) Other Health Instuition


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