Other Health Institutions


District hospital (Belagavi) : The District Hospital, Belagavi earlier known as the Civil Hospital is the earliest hospital in the district and dates back to 1859. This serves the people of the district and also the rural people of the bordering villages of the neighbouring state. The Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College of the city is attached to this hospital. The present bed strength of the hospital is around 1000. It has specialised services in medicine, surgery, peaditrics, maternity, gynaecology, ENT, skin diseases, optholmology, psychiatry and dentistry.

General Hospital (Gokak) : The General Hospital, Gokak is one of the oldest hospital in the district being started as a Dispensary in 1865. The present building of the hospital was constructed during 1966. The total number of beds available is around 75.

Karnataka Health Institute(Ghataprabha) : This hospital was started as a dispensary in the year 1935. The campus is spread over an area of 195 acres of land. By 1985, the institute had achieved a General Hospital of 166 beds, a Maternity Hospital of 55 beds with it's 6 rural branches.

General Hospital(Saundatti) : This hospital was started as a dispensary during 1875. It is housed in it's own building constructed in 1958. The number of beds available is 50 with 10 beds for Tuberculosis patients.

General Hospital(Chikodi) : It was started in 1882 as a dispensary maintained by Local Board in a hired bungalow. It has been converted into a general hospital with 50 beds.

District T.B Centre(Belagavi) : This centre was started in 1972 and is situated in the district hospital compound and is headed by a Medical Officer. The centre is equipped with a laboratory and an X-Ray unit.

Mahatma Gandhi Hospital(Nippani-Chikodi) : The MG Hospital was started in 1958. There are 10 beds in the hospital, of which 4 are for Maternity Section. It is attached with Urban Family Centre.

Employees State Insurance Hospital(The ESI Belagavi) : The ESI Act of 1948 was made applicable to the Belagavi city Municipal Limits from 1963. There are 4 full-time ESI dispensaries in Belagavi. Recently ESI has constructed a new Building at Ashok Nagar. This hospital is equipped with all modern aminities.

Vaccine Institute(Belagavi) : This institute(1904) had been manufacturing exclusively small pox vaccine under the Government of Mumbai Province. The institute was shifted to it's present building in 1909. In 1954, the change of vaccinifire from cow-calf to sheep took place. In 1956, the administrative control of the institute came under the Government of Karnataka.

Mission Hospital(Sankeshwar) : It was started during 1923 by Dr.G.Henderson. The hospital building was constructed in 1923. It has an X-Ray unit, a laboratory and an Operation Theatre. It also has Maternity facilities. The present bed strength of the hospital is around 50. It has a T.B ward with 10 beds.

Leprosy Hospital,Hindalga(Belagavi) : It was started as an Asylum for leprosy patients by Dr.E.V.Hunter in 1912. Special treatment was started for the leprosy patients in 1924.

Apart from these health institutions, Belagavi District has lots of Ayurvedic, Homeopathy Hospitals. People from surrounding places come to Belagavi for quality and best medical treatment.

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